• Our offices stand behind every tax preparation experience 100%.

Maximum Refunds

If you file with us online but get a bigger refund for the same return with a competitor, we'll refund your preparation fees.


We ensure there is no confusion by communicating thoroughly while preparing taxes or reviewing accounts.

Accuracy Guarenteed

If our math is off and it results in penalties or interest from the IRS, we will reimburse you the amount of those penalties and interest.

Customer Focus

Our customers and their businesses are top priority. Our primary goal is to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our popular services for personal and business.


We make sure your finances are expertly handled no matter the size of business or scale.


Whether you employ a small group or have an extensive workforce, we make it easy.


Don't let tax code jargon cause confusion, we simplify everything while saving you money.


Let us ensure proper organization of your records. Peace-of-mind through guaranteed accuracy.

We Provide Premium Payroll & Accounting Services

What our clients have to say...

Nancy H. | Insurance Agency - Loveland CO

I choose Office Guru Modern Accounting because the accountants there take the time to sit down with me, know my business and because of that are able to give me advice and strategies to pay less taxes.

James T. | Motorcycle Shop - Wellington CO

My accountant is a more than an accountant he is trusted friend. In business accountants are a dime a dozen and most just take what you give them and put it into a software without taking the time to help you make decisions that will benefit your business. Office Guru Modern Accounting has been one of my best business decisions. They manage my whole accounting department and then seamlessly take care of all my tax reporting.

John C. | Home Builder - Loveland CO

I have had other accountants in the past that have treated me like a number versus accountants at Office Guru who treat me like a person and understand me as a business owner because they see themselves as business owners. The personal touch, business knowledge and customize advices is why I can say that my new accountant is the best money I’ve spend on accounting and tax services ever.

Kelly R. | Personal - Fort Collins CO

I’m a realtor and my husband is in lending, we use the services at Office Guru because they take the time to get to know us and explain.  This is important to us because other tax preparation box stores treat you like cattle and what’s worse is that person you worked with last year is different from the person this year and you have to start all over.

Dave M. | Handy Man - Loveland CO

I’m a one may shop and understand my business, but need advice on how to pay less in taxes. The accountants at Office Guru Modern Accounting review my bookkeeping and make sure that I entered everything in correctly and make corrections so that I’m not paying more in taxes and our time planning has saved me thousands in taxes that I would have owed.

Brandon S. | Farmer - Eaton CO

I appreciate my accountant at Office Guru Modern Accounting because he speaks English and understands what’s important to me. Our planning time and his advices saved me thousands of dollars. I’ve always saved more that I’ve paid and they do all the work too.