Know Your Taxpayer Rights

Office Guru Modern Accounting is committed to applying common sense when serving our clients.  What that means to us is that we understand doing the right thing is important, and if know the right thing let's to doing the right and the end right is you paying less taxes, Win-Win.  

In fact the IRS states on their website: Taxpayer Bill of Rights: #3, The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax. So, at Office Guru Modern Accounting we focus on optimizing your return so that you are paying the correct amount in tax.

Most tax preparation box stores and accounting firms seek to make a profit through numbers and create a process that treats everyone the same to where they don’t have time to provide customized advice.  Our system was created to free up our accountants so that they can focus on you.  Through technology we have reduced costs and created a network where each team member specialized in their area of expertise and under the direction of their team leader, the accountant, we provide our team leader with the information they need to reduce your tax liability through advice.  After decades in the business we have found that most advice, planning and strategies are made based on incomplete or incorrect information, that is why we invest time and resources into make sure that our accountants have the best tools and information before creating tax savings strategies or contacting planning sessions.  Our focus is helping you keep more of your hard earned cash and our people and systems were selected and created with that goal in mind.