Working With Office Guru Accounting

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The professionals at Office Guru Modern Accounting enjoy applying what we know to reduce the amount of taxes you owe.  So much so, that we have found CPA firms outsourcing work to us, new clients give a sigh of relief after fleeing tax preparation store fronts that take their tax documents and just scan them into a computer without planning or explanation, or businesses who realize that they did not receive the bargain they had though by going with a low rate bookkeeper because ultimately they ended up paying more in taxes because a bookkeeping even though 80% of the transactions were entered correctly, 20% were not which created thousands of dollars more in taxes paid.  

We take pride in making sure that you keep more of your hard earned cash and are passionate about the planning process so that we are organizing your information before it goes into a computer and reviewing, reviewing, reviewing your return to filter out human error and asking ourselves if there is more we can do.